Very Warm Congratulations to you!
» We herd you just said yes to say “I DO” to your fiancé…!

Now before you dungeon of happiness is there to blow the beguile, let us go ahead with your dreams, that the Toronto production house will see through your eyes and give it all with the boom and we shall make you fly on the wheels of happiness with your emotions to be the part of the merry go round with your family. Our team of professionals understands the values and concerns that you are not just bounded but are tagged with towards your fun and frolic family life since your childhood.

Our team of experts is all dedicated not just to be a part of your happiness but to shower it with the right kind of happiness which is all about your “Star Day”, your wedding day! The choices of your “Prince Charming” or your “Lady Love” are all your commands in our absence and we fulfil it.

The grand team of the Toronto Production House Inc. came together with the clusters of professionals few years back with a vision as clear as water. We step on the ladder of success by keeping in mind our clientele satisfaction and taking up the events, making it a complete package for their lives to make sure that we make the “Time of their lives” not just memorable but an unforgettable one.

We endow a beautiful chemistry of your BIG DAY with our love and candied service of unique cinematography that is sweet and spicy with the theme based conceptualization and also your favourite Bollywood films production concepts that you have the best taste to enjoy your Champagne with. We cover a large scale of reputation that enjoys the facts that we take into consideration with many of your tastes and trolling tiaras that you would like to keep up on the priority list during your grand celebration day.

» Our Star Values

» Your Budget is our Command: You disclose us your budget and we give you the goody box of our services to make your event not just an amazing but an Enthralling one.

» Pick Your Theme: We want to be not just the part your event but your taste is the most important aspect for us to discover the real pearl in the ocean of your feelings. Choose your theme and we shall turn it all with our magic wand to make your “Paradise” a “Wonderful” one.

» Our Classic Selections, Just For You: Candid Photography, DJ and Sound services, Fun cinematography, Wedding Videography, Atmosphere designing, Event Management etc falls under our wide range of selections to keep a tab of the leading services worldwide that we can endow you with.

» Our Clientele Hallmarks: Be it Petro-Canada, Metix Inc. , RBC, Td and a lot more big names fall under our clientele umbrella availing the happy go lucky services from our magical fab bag kitty.

» Our Pride: Our forte is that we actually treat your grand events like our own off course! We further have the star struck affiliations with the leading brands and the best of the service providers that you will not be just astonished but awestruck to learn about.

We are a Techno Mix Mixing Ingredients to make your Event a Yummylicious one

» We go completely Mobile when it comes to our working criteria. We handle the Camera at your venue with a technical mix of creativity in order to make your wedding venue a much joyful and brighter one.

» To capture your event we take the Art Technology into consideration and process it during the shoots accordingly. Plus we endow you with the fire shark and sharpest of the images during the post production and also take up the back up of the most precious and valued data and yet we keep the backup stored for the onsite and the offsite purposes.

» We give you the 100 Percent Customization as per your theme based smart selections.

So we are just a call away to make your day not just special but a Grand one!

“We make your day not just memorable but an unforgettable one”


»Toronto Production House Inc.