Sound, Connection, Bond, Romance, World, Peace, love is what music is all about !

If it is a birthday bash or a wedding season, we always yearn for an energetic DJ who will keep us stuck like a magnet to the iron in the dance floor.


Song It Up!
Though we all come from different religions, various parts of the world and a diversified cultural background, the only thing that we all have common among us besides “Humanity” is off course “Music”! What a song can do besides connecting people is that it can make you remember the beautiful memories and also create new memories with it for life time, so that when you are actually jamming with your close ones you have it all as the toast of your life!

Fulfilling and enhancing your happy wedding day spectrum with the DJ Sound in Toronto Woodbridge, Toronto Production House we make sure that we are making your big day a big happy treat to connect all in a single thread of pearls and get along with the happiness all around. Well you expect a lot from your DJ, Don’t You? … We know as well what to gift you back with!


Why should we be your Tapping Boon for the Grand day?
What we deliver is what we actually what we know that you really want! Technology, right attitude, reliability most importantly and all in the kitty could be yours if you have us to be at your service because we understand your emotions and not only understand but we keep them as our priority like a feather in our hats.

Your requests and our walking library of 100,000 songs is a great combination to make the mood lighter and merrier when it comes to having your DJ Sound in Mississauga and any other place that you want us to be there for you.

We give you the following few things that you would like to feel all energetic about. Scroll down for some more musical bash to choose from:-

Ø Sing Along – Video Ø Live Instrumentals Ø Sing Along – Video Karaoke

Ø Pro DJ / VDJ Setup Ø Karaoke Ø Live webcasting

Ø Pro Dancers Ø Pro Singers Ø Pro Emcee

Ø Caricatures Ø Live Dhol Bhangra Ø Tattoo Artists

Ø Led Wall Ø Projector Screening


Isn’t that too much of a happy Santa list that you can choose from? YES! We would also like to list that many DJ’s are the coolest within their self professional approach. But with Toronto Production House Inc you get not Just the DJ but the DJ who is professionalized and specialized with his own approach of what you need.

Besides this we also give you the liberty to get your DJ Sounds get all customized if you wish to.

Our Presentation is your Interaction !

At Toronto Production House, we take pride in our presentation and deliverance of our services. We not only strive to go above and beyond expectations on the day of, but we take a good amount of time to pre-plan the event to make it a smooth and entertaining sail through crowd pleasing mixes, alongside crowd interactions. Providing DJ services in Toronto and Brampton we have had the opportunity to work with great artists along the way.

Understanding what it takes for an event to be not only successful but enjoyable for the all age groups; we have great confidence in being the best service based service provider of DJ services Toronto Brampton. We offer our services in the GTA Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Wood-bridge venues are fairly common.

We understand your referendum of the key to your heart for your special occasions.