We at Toronto Production House know how important it is to capture details on a day as special as your wedding day. Our staff is very skilled in capturing the right moments at the right time. We want to capture all the happiness, feelings and excitement so when you receive your pictures you can feel those joyous emotions all over again!

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Best Wishes!

Pictures are an amazing way to reminisce the moments you never want to forget. We believe that memories with your loved ones should be kept and treasured forever. We are committed in producing wonderful and breathtaking pictures that bring a smile to your family and friends for years to come.




Ø Pre – Event Photography: We capture the beautiful bride getting ready for her special day or the groom getting dressed to marry the love of his life. We photograph the beautiful venue that you have decided upon and pay special attention to every detail you have hand picked. Got something more lavish on your mind? Let’s have a chat!


Ø During – Event Photography: We work hard to take photos of every beautiful moment that takes place during your special event. Taking many photos of all the bright smiles, warm hugs and cheerful laughter that is sure to be present on your wedding day. No wonderful moment will be left in the dark! That is thanks to our dedicated team here at Toronto Production House.

Ø Post – Event Photography: Shooting all of the beautiful moments your wedding day has to offer! When all the ceremonial festivities and are finished and the real partying begins our team will be more then willing to get shots of all of your family and friends coming together and really enjoying each others company. Two family’s coming together is a beautiful sight to see and we will be sure to catch the beginnings of new friendships and all the fun that will take place during the rest of the day.