“It’s the Same, But Different”


That is our real agenda to actually make you feel super special at your wedding.

Wedding day is too tied up… Do this… Do that… oh is my Wedding Suit Ready? …. Have you kept the Wedding Ring..? … Is my make-up artist ready and reaching? Ugh… too many questions and too many things to ponder upon, Isn’t it? Well undoubtedly a YES goes out there right into your bucket of questions and answers.

We are here for your juggling!

Go take a sleep and don’t stress yourself because it’s your wedding season and you have to look flawless and beautiful as you are. Toronto Production House Inc is here at your place to perform all the duties that you have left on your platform so that you can concentrate on other tasks as well. Let us plan and manage your event so you can sit back and enjoy your event while we take care of the rest.


Following are your favorite listings that we are sure you would like to take up while we help you plan out your big day and set it up while you are actually busy being fabulous for your MAN and your LADY LUCK, vice-versa.

Ø Venue Management Ø Designer Invitations Ø Theme Weddings
Ø Exclusive Catering Ø Ladies Sangeet Ø Mehndi Night
Ø Photography And Video Ø Baraat Band Ø Entertainment
Ø Trousseau Packing Ø Bridal Makeup Ø Varmala Themes
Ø Hostess management Ø Bartending Services Ø Car Decor
Ø Home Decor Ø Vintage or Luxury Car Rental Ø DJ’s Services
Ø Wedding Gifts Ø Fire Works Ø Special Effects
Ø Honeymoon Shoot Packages Ø Hospitality

Designing, coordinating and making your marriage a fulfilled ceremony is our forte. To get your Matrimony events in Toronto make sure that you want to be the star of the show and for that you hire our team of experts who will keep a tab of everything and caramelize your happiness with the “No Problem Services” to endow you with.


Be it your traditional theme taste or the essential forests theme, Toronto Production House Inc experts have a good eye and more over a clean hand to serve you with the finest of the quality to make your wedding scenario not just standardized but a classy one, because every women loves when everything’s supers Classy around her, with her and for her.

Book your Matrimony Event in Brampton and avail the classy clings of the guests who would say in future… “Oh yes, that was one of the best and the finest weddings that I have ever attended in my lifetime”. Won’t you be happy when you hear this?

Let Love spread on your discovered day of love and dive to fathom the depths of the beautiful and charismatic language of love with your service packages of the various matrimony events in Mississauga.

We will make your wedding a vibrant and a manicured garden of shells that keeps all those sun lit pearls shiny and beautiful as a secret and a happiness to your sea called Life.

Live it all and give your reigns to our team of professionals for the bight Grand day to be executed in a spectacular manner.
So keep it Classy because to be snazzy is not all!