“A Wedding Planner has all set for the weddings always in their minds”, Is this the pre-conceived notion that you are actually living with? Indeed we do, because when you say “I DO” we definitely make you count all the stars and do it all to take you till that Romantic moon so that you not just hold the hand of your loved ones on that Moon but we also make sure that you do enjoy your Romantic moon walk with them. From the Secret Diary of Toronto Production House Inc we select and create the entire atmosphere that you not only desire, yet off course we know that you yearn for your Wedding Services!

Umm… well are you too confused about what to select or what not? Well, we give you the magic wand and take you to the steps where you are entitled to do a YES to your loved one in a special way.


Our team of Wedding services in Toronto Wood-bridge with their experts caters the entire smirk spotting service just for you.

Ø Manage My Day, I just want to give Her all my Attention today: Event Management
You Choose, You demand, you describe your Story and we at your command make it all possible. All you have to do is tell us what your bride is looking forward to and we have it all right in front of you as the perfect stage set up.

Ø Capture Her Elegance, I love her Those Long Candied Conversations with her: Cinematography
Capturing the motion is what our professionals are skilled at. You can enjoy your candid cuteness and brighten up the environment whereas we make it all simple by capturing the sensual yet strong yet beautiful bond that you both share… and you won’t even realize that we’ve captured you in our camera!

Ø Take into custody all my special moments; It’s My Command: Photography
Photographs are memories, in-fact they are the unforgettable memories that you would love to plunge into even after you’ve grown 25 years old in your wedlock relationship. Toronto Production House Inc gets you all the tabloids and tiaras with the team of the skilled photography professionals who deal, seal and reel your real life at the magic of it.

Ø Wine, Roses and some Good CD’S will make her swing in a happy mood…and I love that smile of hers my friend: DJ/Music Sound of the pouring wine, the wedding ring in the tall glass, jingles of the bridesmaid is not all! Music and the DJ are the heart and soul to make you the real star of the show at your buzzing event. The art-form has proved itself to be entertaining and a great influence on an individual’s mood and perception. Our man will make sure he captivates those wonderful hearts and makes them go zip zap zoom and assure you that all you will hear the joy and the merriment of the tapping of the dance feet on the floor.

We Know how to Click with your Emotions!

We not only strive to go above and beyond expectations on the day of, but we take a good amount of time to pre-plan the event to make it a smooth and entertaining sail through crowd pleasing mixes, alongside crowd interactions. Understanding what it takes for an event to be not only successful but enjoyable for the all age groups; we have great confidence in being the best service based service provider of Wedding services in Mississauga.

We offer our services in the GTA Brampton Mississauga Toronto Wood-bridge venues are fairly common.


Come stay jamming with us this wedding season….!

So Swing it louder, point on the service and our team of experts has it all for you at the end of the day (all set to roll in your real LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION to widen your world) and show you that your world is way far beautiful than what you actually think what it is!

You can pick and select the swirling Wedding services in Brampton from our goody box as listed!

Get Mushy with your Bride, Just Get Going!

We serve you better at each step than others… and so we are the Toronto Production House Inc professionals.